Basic Information
Realm of existence Tayvanse
Type Terrasphere
Adjective Taralthan
Day length 24 hours
Year length 336 days
Nearby celestial bodies One moon

At the center of Tayvanse is the great terrasphere1 known as Taralthon, the home of all life in the material realm. Suspended within the starry sea of the Firmament, the terrasphere spins in place as the Sun and Moon revolve around it in an eternal cosmic dance. Taralthon is covered mostly by vast stretches of sea and ocean that separate its individual landmasses, upon which the mortal folk of this world have lived for millennia.


The innermost layer of the Firmament that surrounds Taralthon is called its atmosphere or aer, so named because it contains breathable air and clouds rather than aether and stars. This, along with the water that covers most of the sphere, sustains the life of all the plants and creatures who live on it. As a terrasphere, Taralthon itself is composed of earth: soil, stone, mineral, and metal, as the dwarves say.

Deep within the sphere, far deeper than any excavation has managed to descend, is a layer of unbreakable and immovable stone. This is the border between the mortal realm and the Abyss, where cosmic chains attached to the stone link Tayvanse to Malvernse—the core of Taralthon.



Taralthon hosts a number of continents. Three of them are listed here:

✢ Avanaela, located in Taralthon’s southern hemisphere, is home to the powerful kingdom of Vastrea as well as several other, smaller nations. Though Avanaela is known for having warm summers, mild winters, and lush forests, this is only true in the northern part of the continent—further south, the massive mountains of the Hiemian Peaks and their icy winds inhibit the growth of anything taller than woody shrubs.

✢ Khaberon is an immense landmass located northwest of Avanaela across the Laughing Sea. Its southern peninsula lies near Taralthon’s equator, and most of the continent is covered by hot tropical rainforests, fed by the year-round rainfall. These rainforests are inhabited by the people of Marsadia, a largely-human nation ruled by mages and home to the world’s largest population of half-elves. Marsadia’s northern border covers the savanna between the rainforests and the Silversand Deserts, and ends at the Nuaritaas River that stretches across the sands.

✢ Mearixai is an oceanic archipelago far west of Khaberon, populated entirely by halflings and their kin. Its largest island is called Ixi-Mearixai, and is surrounded by a ring of smaller islands—each of which is said to host flora and fauna not seen anywhere else.

1 Because this campaign’s GM enjoys performing feats of incredible pedantry, Taralthon is not called a “planet” in-setting. The term “terrasphere” is used on this wiki instead.


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