“Death is the deepest sleep of all.”

Siamortis, called xienmeng in Mearish and colloquially known as death’s dream, is a flowering plant native to the eastern islands of Mearixai. It is primarily used as an entheogen by the Mirevani priests of Mearixai, who ingest a tincture made from its leaves as part of their initiation into the priesthood, but it has also been used as a subtle and deadly poison.


The scentless, hood-shaped flowers of siamortis grow in varying shades of red and violet, often so dark that they appear almost black—contrasting sharply with the plant’s pale stems and leaves. The underside of the leaves bears a thin, waxy coating that shimmers silver-white and has a bittersweet taste. When exposed to sufficient heat, the coating melts.

Entheogenic Properties

When ingested in sufficient doses, siamortis induces a supernatural death-like state in a person—they do not move or speak, and their bodily functions (including heartbeat and respiration) seem to stop entirely. The only indication that a person under the effects of siamortis is alive is the rapid movement of their eyes beneath the lids, as happens during dreaming sleep.


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