“O, Qayalise! Mistress of the shining sea!
Commander of the rolling waves—I ask one thing of ye.
Please, great Qayalise, show mercy to my humble ship and me.
I offer ye the finest pearl if ye shall hear this plea.”
—Mariner’s prayer

Basic Information
Titles She of the Sea and the Storm
The Sea Queen
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Adjective Qayalisen
Patron of The seas and oceans, rain, thunder, lightning
Symbol Qayalise controlling the sea
Followers Mariners, coastal dwellers, druids
Born Median Antidea
Lover Llinaeris
Former lovers Ersina, Neva
Divine creations Renivus, Solaverus

The Sea Queen Qayalise (pronounced “kay-ah-LEESE”), goddess of Taralthon’s oceans and storms, is known throughout the world as both a protective, nurturing steward of the natural world and a terrifying, vengeful deity as harsh and unforgiving as the sea itself. Those with the most reason to fear her are people who travel by sea or live on the coast, but even places far inland are never truly safe from her wrath. She is often described as being at least as capricious as the Winds of Fate, who have been known to help or hinder her endeavors depending on their whims—which sometimes sparks questions about how much power and influence Qayalise truly has.


According to dwarven myth, Qayalise’s creation was a mistake—the divine essence Cabricernus used to forge her was insufficiently pure, and when he realized this, he cast his unfinished work into what is now called the Abyssal Sea. Thick, dark storm clouds gathered over the water as the waves suddenly surged and swelled, lashing at the surrounding land while the sky unleashed torrents of rain. The storm lasted an entire season before a bolt of lightning pierced the surface of the water, and an immense wave rose up to swallow the shore, leaving nothing but the form of the goddess Qayalise in its wake.

The Sea Queen remained on Taralthon for half a year, creating the monsters whose descendants now inhabit the Abyssal Sea, ravaging the land with lightning strikes and hurricanes. When winter came, Cabricernus found his rejected creation standing in the midst of a light snowfall, silently watching the snowflakes as they drifted to the ground. He offered to bring her to Saelise, if she wished to go, and told her she would be welcomed as a goddess among her divine kin. She agreed and has remained there ever since, but many of her worshipers believe she has never forgiven him.


Qayalise’s appearance tends to be described as beautiful or intimidating—sometimes both at once. Her skin is pale as sea foam and her eyes are bright blue, framed by long, dark eyelashes. She dresses in deep blue gowns made of sheer, shimmering fabric adorned with pearls and seashells, and is always depicted barefoot. Her night-black hair is nearly as long as she is tall, falling down her back in loose waves and curling into spirals at the ends (somewhat resembling the tentacles of an octopus).


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