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Geography of the Cosmos

The three cosmic realms that make up the known and observed universe.

Tayvanse, the realm of mortals and the material
Taralthon, the terrasphere at the center of Tayvanse where mortals dwell
Saelise, the realm of gods and the divine
Malvernse, the realm of devils and the infernal

People of Taralthon

This setting’s playable races.

✢ Dwarves
✢ Ironwood Dwarves
✢ Mountain Dwarves
✢ Tundra Dwarves
✢ Elves
Moon Elves
✢ Stone Elves
✢ Sun Elves
✢ Wood Elves
✢ Halflings
✢ Aviani
✢ Vernlings
✢ Humans
✢ Hiemians
✢ Marsadians
✢ Vastreans
✢ Hybrid Races
✢ Gnomes
✢ Goblins
✢ Half-Dwarves
✢ Kobolds
✢ Wildkin

The Bestiary

Beasts, monsters, otherworldly beings, and all manner of wild and strange creatures.

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