Dwarven Calendar

The dwarven calendar is the oldest system of timekeeping that is still in use on Taralthon, and the most widespread throughout the world.



The Dwarvish word antidea or antea (depending on dialect) means “before,” and is used to refer to events and occurrences that took place before the year the calendar was established (year 0 DVV). The period of Antidea is not usually counted in years except by dwarf historians, who have measured and numbered the “years Antidea” based on records written by their ancestors. Years Antidea count backwards from the current era’s year zero, with the year before 0 DVV written as “year 1 Antidea” and so on. (As the Antidean period includes events not witnessed even by the gods, such as the theoretical birth of the universe, the inventors of the calendar considered it more practical to number the years in reverse rather than try to agree on a “starting” date.)

Dum vivimus vivamus

Dum vivimus vivamus, usually abbreviated as DVV when writing and referring to dates, is a Dwarvish phrase that translates to “While we live, let us live.” This phrase denotes the current calendar era, which began at year zero when the calendar was established and has continued to the present day. The current calendar year is 1372 DVV.

Dwarven Calendar

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