A log of changes that get made to pages on this campaign’s site. Newer changes are at the top.

✢ Cleaned this page up some.
✢ Front page got a small edit.
✢ o god it has been over a month since I did anything here

✢ Small Aldemor update.
✢ Quick update to Vixilia’s (still-unreleased) page.

✢ Vixilia is getting a page too.
✢ Charwood’s page is still being worked on.

✢ The village of Charwood is going to get a page! Rejoice. The Trivia page is also going to be cut, and its contents are going to be put on relevant pages instead.

✢ Made some edits to the Half-Elf page and put the Moon Elf page up. Also started on a page for dwarves.
✢ The Astral Veil got axed from the Space Without section on the main page (since I know where magic comes from now, and it’s not there) and the fey realm has a name.
✢ Made edits to the character images for Karlat, Quint, Nari, and Jardak. I am still not totally happy with them so they will probably change again in the future.

✢ The Half-Elf page is back up, and I have ultimately decided not to change this site’s colors. Damned if it’s not frustrating to work with such a limited palette, though. Expect fancier navigation tables and also some minor updates to page anchors.

✢ Small update to the page for Siamortis. No, it’s not finished yet. Wording things is hard.
✢ Currently in the middle of fiddling with this site’s colors.

✢ Made this page look nicer and added some explanatory text.
✢ Made the Half-Elf page temporarily GM-only so I could use it to screw around with navigation table formatting.
✢ Created this page to track changes.


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