Nari Jhareg

"Magic always fascinated me. It's like another world, but... it's right here."

Nari Jhareg
Basic Information
Age 19 years (208 chronologically)
Gender Female
Race/Species Human
Home Castle Jhareg, Charwood, Vastrea
Born 1164 DVV
Mother Jacintha Jhareg
Father Karlat Jhareg
Siblings Karlat Jhareg (father, older brother)
Quint Jhareg (older brother)
Jardak Jhareg (younger brother)
Lover Liara Cowan

Nari Jhareg is, depending on the perspective one chooses to take, either the second- or third-oldest child of the once-noble Jhareg family. Like her siblings and all the people of Charwood, Nari was trapped outside the weave of time by the god Necerian, and waited 189 years until Liara arrived to bring back the dawn at last. Although Liara initially believed that Nari had gone mad due to the uniquely awful nature of her apparent situation—carrying a pregnancy that had stopped progressing on that midwinter’s eve night—it was revealed that her seeming lack of sound mind was a ruse, and that she alone could tell Liara the terrible secrets her eldest brother had kept from the world.


Until Liara came to Castle Jhareg, Nari had been presenting herself as helpless and mad, broken in mind and spirit by her imprisonment and suspended pregnancy. With dirty and unkempt hair, an ill-fitting gown stained by her own vomit, and a perpetual vacant look in her dark eyes, she wandered the dim confines of her bedchamber over and over again, reluctant to let down her guard in case someone entered with malicious intentions.

Now, with Karlat removed from the mortal world and Charwood returned to the weave of time, Nari has chosen to shed her fa├žade. The months she spent in captivity even prior to the eternal midwinter night have left her pale, weary, and thin, but the strength and hope in her eyes are heralds of better days to come.

(Image source: edited version of a female human portrait from Neverwinter Nights)


Nari Jhareg

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