Saelise (pronounced “say-LEESE”), also called Godshaven or the Heavens, is the realm of existence where the deities of Taralthon dwell. Linked to the outermost reaches of Tayvanse by great cosmic chains, Saelise envelops the material world like a celestial sphere, contrasting and opposing the infernal territory of Malvernse that lies within Taralthon’s core.


The celestial realm of Saelise is the outer layer of the cosmos, and only the most powerful of mortal wizards have seen even a glimpse of what lies beyond its boundary. Saelise takes the form of a hollow sphere large enough to surround the other two worldly realms, holding the entirety of Tayvanse’s Firmament inside of it. The sphere itself is composed of stone—likely the same unbreakable, immovable stone that marks the border between the planet Taralthon and the Abyss—that divides the realm into two parts: the exterior World Above, where all the gods but one have made their homes, and the interior World Below, where the chains that join Saelise and Tayvanse are anchored deep within the stone.

List of Taralthan Deities

✢ Cabricernus, god of life, fire, and the forge, is the first and oldest deity of Taralthon. He oversees the Great Crucible, where all dead souls are melted down into pure mortal or divine essence, and forges new life from its contents. The dwarves, the first mortals to inhabit Taralthon, were made in his image.
✢ Catriana, goddess of battle, leadership, and honor, is venerated by soldiers and strategists around the world. Worship of her is especially prominent in the kingdom of Vastrea, where the Tyrian Order of paladins is led by the King.
✢ Ersina, the goddess of mercy, forgiveness, and shelter, is beloved by the poor and downtrodden members of society. Temples to her are conspicuously absent from even major cities, and her priesthood has become a wandering mendicant order as her popularity among the rich and powerful has faded.
✢ Isterium is the god of illusions, mysteries, and secrets. They, along with their lover Sylnirae, are worshiped by many mages throughout Taralthon.
✢ Llinaeris, god of the moon and the tides, was created by Cabricernus with the intention that they prevent the sea goddess Qayalise from wreaking havoc on the mortal realm. Despite (or perhaps because of) this, Llinaeris has become Qayalise’s lover, though their relationship is tumultuous at best.
Mirevan, the goddess of death, greets newly deceased mortals at the Black Gates before sending them to their destined afterlife.
✢ Neva, goddess of animals and nature, oversees the wilderness and all who dwell within it. She created the halflings from mortal essence and spirits of the wild.
Qayalise, the goddess of the sea and storms, is a capricious and impulsive deity prone to fits of terrible anger. She rose out of the Abyssal Sea after she was rejected by Cabricernus and proceeded to terrorize the people living on the shore, only calming herself when her creator called her back to Saelise.
✢ Renivus, god of travel, exploration, and rivers, is the divine creation of Qayalise and Neva (and surprisingly even-tempered, considering). Travelers usually prefer to pray for his guidance rather than try to win Qayalise’s favor, but he is far less powerful than she is, and he holds no dominion over the seas and oceans.
Sceptomais, the Masked God of Many Eyes who watches over Taralthon from his great watchtower, is the god of wisdom and sight. He serves as an advisor to his fellow gods and is often worshiped by seers.
✢ Siavenna, goddess of knowledge and history, is the patron of scholars and archivists everywhere. She is especially loved by the dwarves.
✢ Solaverus, the god of freedom and isolation, was born from a tryst between Qayalise and Ersina after the latter’s presence in the world was diminished. He is quietly unacknowledged within civilization and society, as he is worshiped by wandering outcasts and exiles.
✢ Sylnirae is the Queen and King of the Faeries, the divine ancestor of the elves, and the being who introduced arcane magic to Taralthon. He is the two-gendered god of magic, fey creatures, and love. Many wedding ceremonies, especially in elven cultures, are performed in her name.

Geography of the Cosmos
The Space Within
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The Space Without
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