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Avanaela – a continent located in Taralthon’s southern hemisphere, which hosts the kingdom of Vastrea

Belial – Lord of Phalaxatias, Fourth Circle of Hell, representing ambition and raw power

Cabricernus – Forgemaster, First of the Gods, and Keeper of the Flame; god of fire, life, and the forge

Caelis Elaral – Karlat’s former lover, a wood elf Liara met wandering the forest of Charwood

Catriana – goddess of soldiers, war, and tactics; particularly beloved by the upper classes of Vastrea, where the Tyrian Order fights in her name

Charwood – a village trapped outside time for nearly 200 years, and the location of Castle Jhareg

Castle Jhareg – the home of the Jhareg family, carved into a cliff face by Karlat’s magic

The Great Crucible – where all dead souls (except those claimed by archdevils) are sent to be purified of their former lives and broken down into raw soul essence to be remade and reborn

The Hiemian Peaks – a mountain range south of Vastrea

Iladra – the capital of Vastrea

Igniferus – the Elemental Sphere of Fire, an eternally burning world populated by fire elementals and their ilk

Karlat Jhareg – former patriarch of the Jhareg family, half-blood bastard, and would-be lich who made a pact with Belial to conspire against Necerian. His soul is currently in Kosadriat, the First Circle of Malvernse

Kesin Alharsen – a Marsadian agent and unfunny jokester, sent by Lady Sahira to find Khardris

Khaberon – a Taralthan continent northwest of Avanaela, hosting Marsadia and the Silversand Deserts

Khardris Xavada – an agent of Lady Sahira and Liara’s oldest ally

Kosadriat – the First Circle of Hell and Dark Heart of Malvernse, located at the very core of the known world. No one knows who rules it, what souls are sent here, or what is done to them, but it is the origin of the substance known as Dark Heart’s Blood

Lake Seilus – an artificial lake created by the mages of Mesarthim as part of their process to purify the Ruhelyn

Lady Sahira – Khardris’ employer, a seer who oversees the Marsadian city of Varahan

Machan – Lord of Strife and Discord, ruler of the Seventh Circle of Malvernse

Malvernse – the realm of archdevils and their fiendish underlings, located at the core of Taralthon

Malvernum – the dwarf-given title of the ruler of Kosadriat, who rules over all other archdevils

Malyntor Dynarion – the current monarch of Vastrea and leader of the Tyrian Order

Marsadia – a sprawling magocracy mainly concentrated in the southern tropical rainforests of Khaberon

Mavarian – Lord of the Fifth Circle of Hell, representing greed, thievery, and covetousness

Mearixai – a cluster of islands west of Khaberon, populated by halflings

Meldis Heartsworn – a halfling mendicant priestess of Ersina, last seen traveling with the sun elf mendicant Xaan

Mesarthim – originally a small coven of mages who created Lake Seilus in order to purify the waters of the Ruhelyn; now a thriving Vastrean city southeast of Aldemor

Nayana Haldar – an immaculate and no-nonsense Marsadian agent sent with Kesin to find Khardris

Necerian – former god of the dawn, youth, and the season of spring, who trapped Charwood outside of time for nearly 200 years in order to deny Belial the power he sought. He was freed by Liara Cowan, his Judge, and returned to the Great Crucible to be remade

Phalaxatias – the Fourth Circle of Hell, ruled by Belial, covered in hellfire and magma

The Ruhelyn River – a river to the east of Aldemor, haunted by angry spirits

Saelise – the realm of the gods and the outermost layer of the Space Within

The Silversand Deserts – deserts north of Marsadia, home of the nomadic Sun Elves

Taralthon – the terrasphere at the center of Tayvanse, where all mortal life dwells

Tayvanse – the realm of mortals and material things, which envelops Malvernse and is surrounded by Saelise

Theriat Fisean – retired wandcrafter and Karlat Jhareg’s former mentor

The Tyrian Order – a Vastrean order of paladins who fight in service of the goddess Catriana

Varahan – a south Marsadian port city

Vastrea – a powerful kingdom led by the warrior class, currently ruled by King Malyntor Dynarion and the Assembly of Speakers

Viyana – goblin proprietor of The Green Inkwell tavern in Mesarthim

Quick Reference

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