Moon Elf

Moon elves, also called silver elves or ma’erelythen (pronounced “mah-AIR-LITH-en”) in their own tongue, are the most reclusive and least populous of all the elven races. When their homeland was destroyed, many moon elves simply vanished from Taralthon, and most of those who remain have chosen to distance themselves from their race’s history. Many shorter-lived inhabitants of Taralthon will go their whole lives without ever even seeing a moon elf, and some have come to believe that the existence of the ma’erelythen race is little more than myth.

Moon Elves
Basic Information
Species Elf
Activity Nocturnal
Adulthood 100 years
Average lifespan 725 – 800 years
Original homeland Verlari’ess’aira
Language Elvish (Ma’erelyth dialect)
Physical Characteristics
Typical height 5’ 8" – 6’ 4"
Skin colors Pale white, sometimes tinged with blue
Hair colors Bluish-black, silver, white
Eye colors Blue, gray, silver

Physical Description

Moon elves are the second-tallest of the elven races—taller than most humans, but rarely reaching the average heights of the sun elves, their desert-dwelling kin. They tend to be slightly built, with slender shoulders and hips regardless of sex, and very little muscle definition or body hair. Male moon elves usually possess sharper facial features, thicker eyebrows, and less prominent breasts than females, but their ability to grow facial hair is nearly nonexistent.

Compared to Taralthon’s other inhabitants and indeed other elves, there is very little diversity in physical appearance among the moon elf population—especially where coloration is concerned. They tend to be even paler than the most fair-skinned humans, sometimes with a bluish cast to their skin that lends them an eerie, ghostly air, and their eyes typically range from deep blue to bright silver in hue. Moon elves’ hair is almost universally pin-straight and capable of reaching at least hip-length, and is always bluish-black during at least the first century of an elf’s life, sometimes fading to white or silver as the years pass.

Some find the graceful movements and delicate features of moon elves quite beautiful, describing them as ethereal or elegant, while others are at best unnerved by their relative homogeneity and unearthly pallor. They are almost universally regarded as alien and strange by the other peoples of the world, especially since their disappearance from most of Taralthon.

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Moon Elf

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