House Rules and Custom Moves

House Rules


Since there are no other player characters to adventure with you, you may make Bonds with your Hirelings instead.

Playing a Half-Elf

All player characters, regardless of class, have access to this move from the Ranger’s playbook:

You may take this move only if it is your first advancement.
Somewhere in your lineage lies mixed blood, and it begins to show its presence. You gain the elf starting move if you took the human one at character creation, or vice versa.

If your class has no human or elf starting move, work with the GM to create one.

Custom Moves and Rituals

Ritual: Faerie Shaping

Healing Jardak Jhareg’s physical body has the following conditions attached:
✢ First you must perform a favor for the fey beings near Windy Hill. If you don’t, you’ll owe them later, and they can ask for repayment at any time.
✢ You’ll need help from more powerful faeries than you can call with your cure light wounds spell.
✢ The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited—your faerie friends can mend whatever it is that causes Jardak pain, and they may be able to strengthen his atrophied legs, but that’s the most they’re capable of.

Ritual: Summon Ethereal Servants

Summoning and binding ethereal spirits to serve the inhabitants of Castle Jhareg has the following conditions attached:
✢ It’s going to take a week
✢ First you must dismiss your own ethereal servant, and you may not summon it again until the ritual is complete
✢ You and your allies will risk danger from the less-docile spirits you summon

The first day of the ritual will be consumed by making preparations for the rest of it—drawing protective wards, researching ethereal spirits, et cetera. Over the course of the six days that follow, you will summon six servants: one to attend to each member of the Jhareg family, and one to serve each family member as a guard. Calling and binding a spirit should only take an hour at most, but you will not be able to bind another one until the next day.

When you make preparations to create ethereal servants for the Jhareg family, roll +INT. On a 12+, choose all the effects from the list below. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7 – 9, choose two. On a 6-, choose one. These effects (except for the last one) will apply to all the spirits you summon during the ritual.
✢ The servants are here permanently, more or less—they will be bound to this realm and to their masters until you die.
✢ The spirits you bind have telepathic abilities, and can communicate not only with each other but also with any being in the castle.
✢ The spirits of battle who will serve as the Jhareg family’s protectors are good-hearted, and will not be hostile before you bind them.
✢ You discover a way to strengthen your own ethereal servant. Choose a permanent benefit: +2 Load, +2 HP for every level you have (so it can take damage without being dispelled), or +1 ongoing to summon it.

The Sea Does Not Forgive

The hazards of a perilous journey on land sometimes seem like child’s play compared to the dangers of the sea. While it is sensible to sail on a sturdy ship crewed by skilled mariners, most Taralthans will say that your fate is ultimately in the capricious Sea Queen’s hands. When you pray to the goddess Qayalise for safe travel before embarking on a sea voyage, roll +CHA.
✢ On a 10+, your prayers convince the goddess to let you sail unimpeded for the entirety of your voyage. Tell the GM two noteworthy things that happen on your journey—perhaps you make a new ally on the ship, a stretch of favorable winds significantly shortens the length of your time at sea, or you somehow acquire a useful item.
✢ On a 7 – 9, your journey goes well for the most part, but Qayalise’s fickle nature means you sail into trouble eventually. Tell the GM one noteworthy thing that happens on your journey, and they will tell you one as well.

You may choose not to pray to Qayalise if you wish. This is possibly a terrible idea.

Qayalisen temples can be found in most any port city. You may make offerings to the goddess in order to have a better chance at gaining her favor:
✢ If you give at least 50 coins, take +1 forward to your roll.
✢ Offering a saltwater pearl to Qayalise will give you +2 forward to your roll. Any city with a shrine or temple dedicated to her will also have merchants selling pearls for a minimum of 100 coins each. (If you find a pearl worth less than 100 coins on your adventures, Qayalise will still accept it and you will receive the same bonus—even tiny or misshapen pearls are beautiful in her eyes.)

Custom Move Archive

Siphon Divinity

When you siphon the divine essence of the gods Necerian and Vixilia to strengthen your own arcane power, roll +INT. On a 10+, choose three effects from the list below. On a 7 – 9, choose two. On a 6-, choose one.
The village of Charwood is shielded from the ravages of time.
Necerian’s divine soul remains unshattered. Both he and Vixilia will return to the Great Crucible to be remade and reborn.
The archdevil Belial will not gain his power. His claim on the souls of Charwood’s children will be negated, and he will be banished back to his native Circle of Hell.
A knot has been tied in the threads of fate. You gain the ability to immediately change a 6- roll result to a 12+. After you use this ability once, it is gone forever.

If you possess the half-filled phylactery of Karlat Jhareg, you may drain its power in order to choose one additional option from the list regardless of the result of your roll.

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House Rules and Custom Moves

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