Firstly: if you want to see the stylish smallcaps header font on these wiki pages, you’ll have to download and install this font. The headers will display fine without it, though, so it’s no trouble if you can’t.

…And yes, I am aware that my code is a mess. I might fix it. Eventually.

Secondly: this campaign started as a conversion of a quest from Neverwinter Nights, specifically the Chapter 2 Charwood quest. This campaign contains major spoilers for that quest. Many of the setting elements and characters are either ripped straight from the game or have effectively had their serial numbers filed off, but some things are my own creations—if you want to see a list of what’s from the Forgotten Realms, NWN, or other sources, check out the Trivia page.

Thirdly: that being said, many things in this campaign’s story are different from how they are in the original quest, including new NPCs, radically altered NPCs, and even restructured family trees. The basic premise of the original quest is still the same, and a lot of names haven’t been changed, but that’s about it. If something here is different from how it is in NWN and/or the Realms, it’s probably an intentional change.

Lastly: running Dungeon World as a solo game kind of requires me to play fast and loose with some of the rules to ensure that it stays fun for my player. I’ve also allowed them to do some things that normally wouldn’t be possible (such as taking the Ranger’s Half-Elven advancement as a Wizard) so that they can play Liara the way they want to, because I’m not terribly concerned about party balance. After all, there is no party to balance.

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