Nation Vastrea
Demonym Aldemoran
Population Almost entirely human
Prominent deities Catriana, Mirevan, Sceptomais
Nearest settlements Brannin’s Mill
Eremil’s Crossing

Aldemor, situated between the Laughing Sea to the west and the river Ruhelyn to the east, was once considered one of Vastrea’s most prominent cities. Though it still holds nominal importance to the kingdom, much of its former glory has been lost, stripped away by misfortune and a poor reputation.


Most of Aldemor’s residents are poor Vastreans unable to leave the city; the lucky ones find work with the merchants and nobles, while the rest either turn to crime or the charity of the Ersinan Mendicants to keep themselves fed. The city is sharply divided between the wealthy populace and the destitute common folk, and the slums are often referred to as a cancerous tumor that must be removed in order for Aldemor to thrive again.

Vastrea, Kingdom of Stars
The Five Lights of Vastrea
Aldemor · Iladra · Mesarthim · Narvilan · Silanis
Vastrean Cities
Aldemor · Iladra · Mesarthim · Narvilan · Port Medea · Silanis


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