Valnathara Felynshar

"I could have let you rot in a filthy cell--I could even have seen you hang, if I wished it. Instead, thief, I have rescued you from a life on the streets. Remember this kindness."

Valnathara Felynshar
Basic Information
Title Elvraedinn (self-given)
Age 157 years
Gender Agender
Race/Species Stone elf
Profession Divination mage
Home Aldemor, Vastrea
Born 1215 DVV
Servant Liara Cowan (formerly)

Valnathara Felynshar, known to Liara as Elvraedinn (master diviner) or simply Val, is a stone elf fate-reader plying their trade near the southern boundary of Aldemor. When Liara stole their spellbook, they divined its location and called the city guards to arrest her… as well as her fellow street urchins. However, instead of allowing Liara to rot in prison for her theft, Valnathara chose to have her live out her sentence as their indentured servant.


Any elf permanently residing in Aldemor is an uncommon sight, and a stone-elven citizen tends to draw more curious eyes than most. Lithe, dark-haired, and androgynous, Valnathara is usually regarded as quite attractive by the Aldemoran city folk, and their regal bearing coupled with their gracious flattery has won them the favor (or at least the attention) of most of their human acquaintances. In spite of their young age, however, their appearance has grown somewhat haggard in recent years: the shadows beneath their eyes are deeper, their lips are paler, and their figure has gone from gracefully slender to unnervingly thin. Most of these changes are kept carefully concealed by cosmetics or minor glamours, but Valnathara is all too aware that they will eventually become impossible to hide—because they’ll have grown that much worse, or because they will be physically unable to do anything about them.

(Image source: original art by the GM)


Valnathara Felynshar

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