Quint Jhareg

"Let me try to make things right for you."

Quint Jhareg
Basic Information
Titles Dawnbringer (formerly)
Lord of Castle Jhareg
Age 22 years (211 chronologically)
Gender Male
Race/Species Vastrean human
Home Castle Jhareg, Charwood, Vastrea
Profession Priest of Necerian (formerly)
Village healer and midwife
Favored deity Necerian
Born 1161 DVV
Mother Jacintha Jhareg (deceased)
Father Karlat Jhareg (deceased)
Siblings Karlat Jhareg (father, older brother) (deceased)
Nari Jhareg (younger sister)
Jardak Jhareg (younger brother)
Hireling Stats
Cost Good Accomplished
Skills Priest 3
Loyalty 2

Lord Quint Jhareg is the eldest living child of the once-noble Jhareg family residing in Charwood. Prior to the events of Midwinter’s Eve in 1183, Quint was the village’s priest of Necerian, preaching sermons to the townsfolk and reading stories to their children. When those children were butchered in the archdevil Belial‘s name, the killer—Quint’s older brother Karlat—tricked him into believing that he had committed the crime and drove him mad with guilt.

When Liara came to Charwood in order to act as his deity’s Judge, Quint begged to be condemned, but her efforts to expose the truth behind the slaughter brought him absolution instead. Now, Quint works tirelessly to heal the pain and suffering inflicted upon his community in the past two centuries, quietly wondering whether he has any place in a world that has all but forgotten the god he used to serve.


Quint has been described as seeming both old and young for his age: next to the bearded, broad-shouldered men of Charwood, he often looks more like a gangling adolescent than a man in his early twenties, but his deep brown eyes occasionally reflect the wisdom and weariness of one who has seen a great deal of hardship.


Quint Jhareg

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