Khardris Xavada

"Half of what you say is perfectly coherent. The other half is either nonsense or blasphemy."

Khardris Xavada
Basic Information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race/Species Marsadian human
Profession Unknown (but it sounds official)
Home Varahan, Marsadia
Born Unknown
Arrived in Charwood 1371 DVV
Employer Lady Sahira of Varahan
Friend?/Ally Liara Cowan
Hireling Stats
Cost Unbroken Trust
Skills Protector 2, Warrior 2
Loyalty 2


(Image source: Aarin Gend’s portrait from Neverwinter Nights.)


Hireling Moves

When a protector stands between you and an attack, you increase your armor against that attack by the protector’s skill, then reduce their skill by 1 until they receive healing or have time to mend.

When a protector helps you defy danger, you may opt to take +1 from their aid. If you do, you cannot get a 10+ result; a 10+ instead counts as a 7 – 9.

When you deal damage while a warrior aids you, add their skill to the damage done. If your attack results in consequences (like a counterattack), the warrior takes the brunt of it.


Liara knows little about Khardris, and even he can’t seem to remember much of anything from before he came to Charwood. He recalls that he was sent to the village in search of something, but not what or why—and the neverending night trapped him inside Charwood’s walls as it had all the villagers. Pushed to the limits of his temper by his fruitless search and the perpetual lack of engagement from the townsfolk, Khardris eventually ran one of them through with his sword—only to discover that she didn’t stay dead.

This revelation drove Khardris to madness or desperation, and he fled to the village’s abandoned inn, occasionally venturing out to kill as many of the villagers as he could in hopes that something would change. It didn’t matter who or how many he killed, however—they all returned to life and resumed their listless wandering sooner or later, and none of them ever seemed to remember him. He began to believe that the people of Charwood were not people at all: they were ghosts, or automatons, or perhaps even illusions.

By the time Liara arrived in Charwood, Khardris had killed and been killed an uncountable number of times, and he had begun to question the existence of everything in the village—even himself.

But Liara’s arrival brought change to the village, no matter how small, and this change seems to have given Khardris a measure of hope. This hope, in turn, has apparently restored some of his sense and judgment, and he has agreed to aid her on her quest to return Charwood to the weave of time.

Liara’s Companions
Droog ยท Khardris Xavada

Khardris Xavada

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