Karlat Jhareg

"You know what it is to be vilified for your talents and misunderstood as evil, don't you?"

Karlat Jhareg
Basic Information
Title Lord of Castle Jhareg (formerly)
Age at death 39 years (228 chronologically)
Gender Male
Race/Species Half-lich (formerly)
Half-elf (Wood elf/ Vastrean human)
Original home Castle Jhareg, Charwood, Vastrea
Afterlife The First Circle of Hell, Malvernse
Patron archdevil Belial
Born 1144 DVV
Became half-lich 1183 DVV
Died 1372 DVV
Mother Jacintha Jhareg
Father Unknown wood elf
Siblings Quint Jhareg (younger brother, son)
Nari Jhareg (younger sister, daughter)
Jardak Jhareg (younger brother, son)

Karlat Jhareg, formerly known as one of the two Lords Jhareg ruling over the town of Charwood, was a powerful half-elven mage and the patriarch of the Jhareg family. Seeking immortality and mastery of fire magic, he bargained with the archdevil Belial in order to acquire a nigh-indestructible phylactery to contain his soul. As repayment for the phylactery, he massacred the children of Charwood in Belial’s name and framed his brother Quint—a devout priest of Necerian—for the slaughter, prompting the god himself to intervene and sequester the village outside the weave of time.

When Liara came to Castle Jhareg and assumed the role of Necerian’s Judge, she found Karlat guilty of the crime and condemned him to an afterlife of torment in the deepest part of Malvernse: the First Circle of Hell.


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Early life

Karlat was a child born of rape—his mother, Lady Jacintha Jhareg, had been assaulted by a wood elf stranger mere months after her betrothal to another noble family’s son. By the time Jacintha realized she was with child and mustered the courage to plead with her mother for help, she was told that it was too late to terminate her pregnancy, and that her only two choices would be to kill her newborn infant as soon as its cord was cut, or else bring shame and ruin to her family forever.

Jacintha chose neither, opting instead to disappear from the world during the last months of her pregnancy and give birth to the child in secret. She returned to society on the morning of her wedding day, and no one but herself and the local Necerite midwife knew of her child’s existence until her husband barged into her bedchamber to find her feeding him. When Jacintha’s husband threatened to expose her secret unless she gave him total control over her inherited wealth, she responded by persuading him to move with her to Charwood—a tiny, insignificant village owned by her family, surrounded by a thick forested maze and the face of a towering cliff. In Charwood, her word was law, and no one dared to give her husband the smallest chance to send a message to the outside. She had effectively trapped him, and her family’s reputation was safe.

But even so, Jacintha was loath to take unnecessary risks, and the child she named Karlat spent much of his childhood isolated from the rest of the village. He was never quite sure if she loved or hated him during that time: in spite of the lengths she’d gone to keep him alive, there were times when she would look at him like he was some disgusting, filthy vermin that should never have been born, and it took the sudden manifestation of his magical talent for her to pay any significant amount of attention to him.

Karlat’s untrained arcane power made him a potential danger to himself and anything around him, especially since he seemed to have an affinity for destructive fire magic. Jacintha paid handsomely to have an elven mage come from Aldemor to serve as his mentor, and they brought nearly their entire library with them to Charwood. Young Karlat latched onto his master with a ravenous hunger for their attention and praise, seeing them as someone who could perhaps fill the void left by years of emotional neglect, and both his raw magical power and his ability to control it soared far beyond that of most mages of similar age. By the time his twelfth winter had come and gone, Karlat’s mentor had judged him worthy of a gift: a carved and polished wooden wand, specially enchanted to aid him in casting fire spells.

Patricide and fatherhood

Karlat’s relationship with his mother was troubled at best, but he resented his stepfather Perlot more than anyone. Perlot openly and unabashedly despised Karlat’s existence, blaming him for Jacintha’s supposed inability to bear any more children and for his own failure to take her wealth for himself. Even in the company of others, he would refer to Karlat as a cursed half-blood bastard—and when they were alone, he would threaten to one day kill Karlat for all the trouble he’d caused. Whether or not these threats were genuine, Karlat was afraid enough to stay awake for days at a time, hiding out in the forest surrounding Charwood with his wand clutched in his shaking fist.

Years of this drove Karlat to the conclusion that he had to kill Perlot if he was going to have any hope of surviving.

Seeking lichdom

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The endless night of Midwinter’s Eve

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The Jhareg Family
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Karlat Jhareg

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