Basic Information
Age newly spawned
Gender n/a
Race/Species necrite homunculoid
Home with Liara
Created 1372 DVV
Creator Liara Cowan
Companion Stats
Ferocity 3
Cunning 3
Instinct 2
Companion Traits
Strengths Intimidating
Training Fight humanoids (+3 damage)
Fight monsters (+3 damage)
Search (+3 discern realities)
Hunt (kill & retrieve small game)
Guard (defend a location, object, or creature)
Weaknesses Repulsive/frightening
taking advantage of its instincts +2 to interfere

An unnatural ally created by Liara Cowan.

Thaumaturgically created through a combination of alchemy and necromancy, It is not exactly undead, but its biology is not precisely “alive” either. Perhaps it is best described as an organic construct fuelled by Liara’s magic.

Although it has no real comprehension of language, its supernatural connection with Liara ensures that it does as she wishes nonetheless. And yet, Droog has a brain of its own, simple though it might be, with the instincts of a living thing.


Small enough to perch on Liara’s shoulder and conceal itself in her hair, it is a pale, wiry humanoid with long, clawed fingers and toes, an oversized mouth full of wicked teeth, and golden bug-like eyes. Its translucent skin does little to conceal the white flesh and black veins underneath.


Droog’s brain might not be complex enough to exhibit an actual personality, as its brain donors were an underdeveloped fetus and a fire beetle. Time will tell.


Its instinct for stealth and dislike for strong light mean that it typically is lurking near Liara, sneaking from one hiding spot to another. Slight sounds of movement, or the brief scrabbling of claws, might intermittently be audible, just enough to be unnerving. Animals of course are much more aware of its presence and deeply disturbed by it. Hostility and threatening body language directed at Liara may draw a long hiss from some hidden place, and Droog responds the moment Liara decides that it is allowed to kill.

When Liara must move through the open, Droog might perch on her shoulder or cling to her back, wrapping itself in her hair as best it can. If she desires, it will reveal itself, perching on her shoulder or arm, allowing others a glimpse of her thaumaturgical might.

In combat, Droog scales its enemies seeking vulnerable spots to claw and bite. Its swift, darting movements and small size make it difficult to strike. Against groups, it will leap from one target to another, sowing confusion and panic that may have its enemies spilling each other’s blood. It’s supernatural connection to Liara means that it knows her targets, and will often switch to attack and distract a foe just as she is about to hurl her magical flames at them.






Fight humanoids & monsters: +Ferocity(3) to damage when Liara damages an enemy Droog is fighting

Search: +Cunning(3) to Discern Realities when Droog helps search for clues Liara can analyze.

Hunt: Droog can be sent to seek out and kill small game and bring the carcasses back to Liara. It easily retrieves prey as large as rabbits and waterfowl, but doesn’t always recognize that mice, rats, and frogs are not people food. It sometimes slays larger prey, such as deer, but can’t retrieve the carcass. Silly Droog!

Guard: Droog can be set to defend a location, object, or creature in Liara’s absence. It will first give a warning hiss, then attack and harry in an attempt to drive intruders off. It doesn’t hesitate to use lethal force, but will remain on guard rather than pursuing.

Parley: When Liara is working with Droog in a task it is trained in and engages in parley, she can add +Cunning(3) to her roll.


Repulsive & Frightening: it is a nightmarish creature, a living horror.

Savage: its kills are messy and merciless, and it exhibits no affection, only obedience to Liara’s supernatural will.



little fetus in a jar
how I wonder why you are
holy shit, Liara’s mad
her backstory’s really sad
little fetus in a jar


Liara Cowan

She is… its mom? I guess?


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