A village where the dawn never comes, haunted by the ghostly laughter of its missing children. A mad priest of a dead god, walking in two places at once. A half-blood bastard sorcerer, half-dead and half-burned by his own magics.

When Liara Cowan fled from the home of her would-be master into the forest south of Aldemor, she followed a strange light through the trees and stumbled upon the lost village of Charwood: a place inhabited only by dazed, listless townsfolk, ruled by the mysterious Lords Jhareg who dwell in the castle carved into the cliffside at the edge of town.

A crime was committed here—a crime so grievous that the villagers have not seen the dawn’s light in over a century; a crime so grave that a god sacrificed his divinity to halt the consequences; a crime so terrible that fate itself called Liara to take up the mantle of the Judge and deliver justice at last. But in her investigations, Liara discovers that the crime itself is only the beginning, and that the walls of Castle Jhareg have been hiding secrets that go far beyond the boundaries of this tiny village.

What here is not what it appears to be?

All things here are not as they seem, my Judge.

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The Village of Eternal Night